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We would like offer cars for rent:
Station Wagon,
Bus (9-persons)

all the cars have eqipment like: GPS, ABS, A/C, services 24/h, and fullcar ,and drivers insurance.
Skoda Octavia Hatchbaghostwriter onlineck, TDI, (6L/100km), GPS, A/C, AB,ABS,ESP,
Skoda Octacia Station Vagon, TDI,(6L/100km), GPS, A/C, AB,ABS,ESP,
Skoda Fabia Station Vagon, TDI, (4L/100KM), GPS,A/C,AB,ABS.ESP
Peugeot 407 Limousine, HPI (8L/100km), GPS,A/C,AB,ABS,ESP,
Chrysler 300C Limousine, CRD (10L/100km),FullAdditional Equipment,
Bus Renault Trafic TDCi (8L/100km), 9-persons, GPS,A/C,AB,ABS,ESP,
Audi Q7 TDI (10L/100km), 7-persons, FullAdditional Equipment,

Possibility of renting any car (long periods of lease)